UHH Ohana Heroes Research Study

Position Type:
The 'Ohana Heroes Project is investigating the effects of separation on children and families, but you
do not have to be in the military to participate
This is a unique opportunity to be part of a research project in Hilo that could have a great positive impact families all over the country.
The Ohana Heroes Project is looking for all types of families on Hawaii and Oahu with at least one child between the ages 7-17. Eligible families will complete in-person interviews and hard copy surveys with study staff. Non-invasive physical measures of stress (salivary cortisol and movement watches) will also be obtained over the course of one week. Estimated time to complete the project is four to five hours, and compensation for participation is $100.00.
For more information about the Ohana Heroes Project, visit http://ohanaheroes.com.
If you would like to see if your family is eligible to participate in the study, call (808) 933-3861 or email contact@ohanaheroes.com.
Participation requirements:
Must have at least one child between ages 7-17
Non-Military families (two-parent or separated within the last year)
Military families (currently deployed)
Approximately 4-5 hours over one week (interview, surveys, and other measures)

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